Built on determination and perseverance, Morehouse Parish emerged stronger and more diversified after losing its main employer in 2008.  After the shutdown of International Paper, the community rallied together to reinvent itself and re-envision its future.  Today, Morehouse’s economy has diversified beyond forestry and farming to include:

  • Value-added agribusinesses
  • Plastics automotive
  • Specialty chemicals
  • Plastic injection molding
  • Wood molding
  • Industrial fabrication and maintenance
  • Transportation/warehousing

Located in northeast Louisiana, Morehouse Parish covers 805 sq. miles, with an estimated 2016 population of 26,333 residents. The civilian labor force of 10,651 earns an median household income of $28,737.

The parish offers the location advantages of a rural community adjacent to the Monroe metropolitan labor market area. The labor market has many skilled workers, including machinists, molders, processors, welders, mechanics, and other technicians that have experience in paper manufacturing, specialty chemicals, plastic injection molding, wood molding, and industrial fabrication and maintenance.

Businesses in Morehouse Parish can access Interstate 20 ( a major east-west corridor) via four-laned U.S. 165. The AL&M Railroad offers daily switching to KCS and UP rail yards in Monroe.